Warp Management

Mobility; How to Get to Places, Fast

Your players may find it tedious to traverse the game world to their homes or to certain areas each time they wish to move around. It is possible, with TShock, to make it much easier to travel around the world warp and tp commands are available for use. Should you belong in a user group that has the tshock.admin.warp permission then you may create and delete warps. To create a warp you need to use the /warp add [name] command. The warp will be created at the position you are standing on and it will take on the name that you provided the command.

With the tshock.warp permission a user group can teleport to warps. First, though, they need to know which warps exist. To find a list of the available warps in a world a player may use the /warp list [page number] command. Putting in no argument for the page number will default to the first page. They need only use the /warp [name] command, entering the name of the warp to teleport to it. Remember, the commands to set and teleport to warps are case-sensitive. With the tshock.tp.others permission, a player may send another player to a warp using the /warp send [player] [warp] command. This command sends the specified player to the designated warp.

If you wish to teleport to a player or bring them to you, then you have that ability! With the tshock.tp.self permission, one can use the /tp [name] to instantly change their position to the position of the player named. Partial name matches are allowed! With the tshock.tp.others permission one can use the /tphere [name] to bring the named player to themselves.

With the tshock.tp.home permission a player can also use /home command to teleport themselves to their personal spawnpoint. With the tshock.tp.spawn permission, you may also use the /spawn command to move yourself instantly to the world spawn point.