TShock Based Plugins

Expanding TShock: Plugins and You

Now that you know what TShock is capable of on its own you may feel that you have some features in mind that you wished were a part of TShock. These features may already be made possible through the use of plugins. Plugins are third-party libraries that extend the functionality of TShock, thus allowing you to perform certain actions or have certain abilities that you could or did not before. You can find plugins here in the plugin releases section of the TShock forums. The function and usage of the plugins are detailed on their pages. It is up to the plugin author to provide all of the information on their plugin. You must learn to use and handle the plugin through the documentation they give you.


Please note that it is not the responsibility of the TShock developers to handle any problems that occur in the plugins you use. Please only take up these issues with that specific plugin's maintainer.