Group Item Bans

Item Bans and their Interactions With Groups

Now that you know how to block items from being used, you might want to allow a trusted user group to use one of your banned items. This is very possible with the itemban commands. You still require the tshock.admin.itemban permission.

To allow a group to use an already banned item you must use the /itemban allow [item] [group] command. This command will allow access to the specified item for the specified group. That user group will then be able to use the banned item you allowed them. You may undo this action with the /itemban disallow [item] [group] command. This command restricts access to a banned item for a group that has been given access to that item. The specified item will be re-blocked for the specified group.

Itemban Subcommands List

Sub-command: add

  • Arguments: [item]
  • Description: Bans the item from being used or brought into the server.
  • Example Usage
  • /itemban add "Hallowed Repeater"

Sub-command: del

  • Arguments: [item]
  • Description: Removes the ban on the specified item.
  • Example Usage
  • /itemban del "Hallowed Repeater"

Sub-command: allow

  • Arguments: [item] [group]
  • Description: Allows a specific player group access to the specified item.
  • Example Usage
  • /itemban allow "Dynamite" newadmin
    Sub-command: disallow
  • Arguments: [item] [group]
  • Description: Stops the specified player group from having access to the specified item.
  • Example Usage
  • /itemban disallow "Dynamite" newadmin
    Sub-command: list
  • Arguments: [page]
  • Description: Displays the currently banned items.
  • Example Usage
  • /itemban list