Item List (1.0)

Item IDNameTooltip
1Iron Pickaxe
2Dirt Block
3Stone Block
4Iron Broadsword
6Iron Shortsword
7Iron Hammer
8TorchProvides light
10Iron Axe
11Iron Ore
12Copper Ore
13Gold Ore
14Silver Ore
15Copper WatchTells the time
16Silver WatchTells the time
17Gold WatchTells the time
18Depth MeterDisplays depth
19Gold Bar
20Copper Bar
21Silver Bar
22Iron Bar
23GelBoth tasty and flammable'
24Wooden Sword
25Wooden Door
26Stone Wall
28Lesser Healing Potion
29Life CrystalPermanently increases maximum life by 20
30Dirt Wall
32Wooden Table
33FurnaceUsed for smelting ore
34Wooden Chair
35Iron AnvilUsed to craft items from metal bars
36Work BenchUsed for basic crafting
39Wooden Bow
40Wooden Arrow
41Flaming Arrow
43Suspicious Looking EyeSummons the Eye of Cthulhu
44Demon Bow
45War Axe of the Night
46Light's Bane
47Unholy Arrow
49Band of RegenerationSlowly regenerates life
50Magic MirrorGaze in the mirror to return home
51Jester's Arrow
52Angel Statue
53Cloud in a BottleAllows the holder to double jump
54Hermes BootsThe wearer can run super fast
55Enchanted Boomerang
56Demonite OrePulsing with dark energy'
57Demonite BarPulsing with dark energy'
59Corrupt Seeds
60Vile Mushroom
61Ebonstone Block
62Grass Seeds
64VilethornSummons a vile thorn
65StarfuryCauses stars to rain from the sky\n'Forged with the fury of heaven'
66Purification PowderCleanses the evil
67Vile PowderSpreads the Corruption
68Rotten ChunkLooks tasty!'
69Worm Tooth
70Worm FoodSummons the Eater of Worlds
71Copper Coin
72Silver Coin
73Gold Coin
74Platinum Coin
75Fallen StarDisappears after the sunrise
76Copper Greaves
77Iron Greaves
78Silver Greaves
79Gold Greaves
80Copper Chainmail
81Iron Chainmail
82Silver Chainmail
83Gold Chainmail
84Grappling HookGet over here!'
85ChainCan be climbed on
86Shadow Scale
87Piggy BankCan be used to store your items\nStored items can only be accessed by you
88Mining HelmetProvides light when worn
89Copper Helmet
90Iron Helmet
91Silver Helmet
92Gold Helmet
93Wood Wall
94Wood Platform
95Flintlock Pistol
97Musket Ball
98Minishark33% chance to not consume ammo\n'Half shark, half gun, completely awesome.'
99Iron Bow
100Shadow Greaves7% increased melee speed
101Shadow Scalemail7% increased melee speed
102Shadow Helmet7% increased melee speed
103Nightmare PickaxeAble to mine Hellstone
104The Breaker
106Copper Chandelier
107Silver Chandelier
108Gold Chandelier
109Mana CrystalPermanently increases maximum mana by 20
110Lesser Mana Potion
111Band of StarpowerIncreases maximum mana by 20
112Flower of FireThrows balls of fire
113Magic MissileCasts a controllable missile
114Dirt RodMagically moves dirt
115Shadow OrbCreates a magical shadow orb
117Meteorite BarWarm to the touch'
118HookSometimes dropped by Skeletons and Piranha
120Molten FuryLights wooden arrows ablaze
121Fiery GreatswordIt's made out of fire!'
122Molten Pickaxe
123Meteor Helmet7% increased magic damage
124Meteor Suit7% increased magic damage
125Meteor Leggings7% increased magic damage
126Bottled Water
127Space Gun
128Rocket BootsAllows flight
129Gray Brick
130Gray Brick Wall
131Red Brick
132Red Brick Wall
133Clay Block
134Blue Brick
135Blue Brick Wall
136Chain Lantern
137Green Brick
138Green Brick Wall
139Pink Brick
140Pink Brick Wall
141Gold Brick
142Gold Brick Wall
143Silver Brick
144Silver Brick Wall
145Copper Brick
146Copper Brick Wall
148Water CandleHolding this may attract unwanted attention
149BookIt contains strange symbols'
151Necro Helmet5% increased ranged damage.
152Necro Breastplate5% increased ranged damage.
153Necro Greaves5% increased ranged damage.
156Cobalt ShieldGrants immunity to knockback
157Aqua ScepterSprays out a shower of water
158Lucky HorseshoeNegates fall damage
159Shiny Red BalloonIncreases jump height
161Spiky Ball
162Ball O' Hurt
163Blue Moon
165Water BoltCasts a slow moving bolt of water
166BombA small explosion that will destroy most tiles
167DynamiteA large explosion that will destroy most tiles
168GrenadeA small explosion that will not destroy tiles
169Sand Block
172Ash Block
175Hellstone BarHot to the touch'
176Mud Block
183Glowing Mushroom
185Ivy Whip
186Breathing ReedIncreases breath time and allows breathing in water
187FlipperGrants the ability to swim
188Healing Potion
189Mana Potion
190Blade of GrassHas a chance to poison enemies
191Thorn Chakram
192Obsidian Brick
193Obsidian SkullGrants immunity to fire blocks
194Mushroom Grass Seeds
195Jungle Grass Seeds
196Wooden Hammer
197Star CannonShoots fallen stars
198Blue Phaseblade
199Red Phaseblade
200Green Phaseblade
201Purple Phaseblade
202White Phaseblade
203Yellow Phaseblade
204Meteor Hamaxe
205Empty BucketCan be used to scoop up a small amount of liquid
206Water BucketContains a small amount of water\nCan be poured out
207Lava BucketContains a small amount of lava\nCan be poured out
208Jungle RoseIt's pretty, oh so pretty'
211Feral Claws12% increased melee speed
212Anklet of the Wind10% increased movement speed
213Staff of RegrowthCreates grass on dirt\nIncreases alchemy plant collection when used to gather
214Hellstone Brick
215Whoopie CushionMay annoy others'
217Molten Hamaxe
218FlamelashSummons a controllable ball of fire
219Phoenix Blaster
222Clay PotGrows plants
223Nature's Gift6% reduced mana usage
226Lesser Restoration Potion
227Restoration PotionReduced potion cooldown
228Jungle HatIncreases maximum mana by 40\n4% increased magic critical strike chance
229Jungle ShirtIncreases maximum mana by 20\n4% increased magic critical strike chance
230Jungle PantsIncreases maximum mana by 20\n4% increased magic critical strike chance
231Molten Helmet
232Molten Breastplate
233Molten Greaves
234Meteor Shot