Command Line Parameters

The following parameters can be added to TShock to alter the way a server initializes. Options set via the command line will override all configuration options regardless. These can be used either for personal use or in a GSP environment for easier hosting without hassle:

Terraria Server API Command Line:

  • -ip - Starts the server bound to a given IPv4 address
  • -port - Starts the server bound to a given port
  • -maxplayers - Starts the server with a given player count
  • -world <file.wld> - Starts the server and immediately loads a given world file
  • -worldselectpath - Starts the server and changes the world path to a given path
  • -autocreate <1/2/3> - Starts the server and, if a world file isn't found, automatically create the world file with a given size, 1-3, 1 being small.
  • -config - Starts the server with a given config file
  • -connperip - Allows n number of connections per IP.
  • -killinactivesocket - Kills connections which have not started the protocol handshake.
  • -lang - Sets the server's language.
  • -ignoreversion - Ignores API version checks for plugins allowing for old plugins to run.
  • -forceupdate - Forces the server to continue running, and not hibernating when no players are on. This results in time passing, grass growing, and cpu running.
  • --stats-optout - Prevents the server from reporting stats to the TShock server. View stats here.

TShock Command Line:

  • -configpath - The path tshock uses to resolve configs, log files, and sqlite db.
  • -worldpath - The path that Terraria Server uses to find all world files.
  • -logpath - Overrides the default log path and saves logs here.
  • -logformat - Format the name of log files, subject to C# date standard abbreviations.
  • -logclear <true/false> - Overwrites old config if it exists.
  • -dump - Dumps permissions and config file descriptions for wiki use.
Example usage:
TerrariaServer.exe -ip -port 7777 -maxplayers 16 -world
"C:\Users\Shank\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\world1.wld"