Item Giving

"Hei guiz can i hav hallow pls?"

Well, you have regions set up. You know how to get around. You have huge aspirations to build a house out of gold. You have no gold...

Not a problem. With TShock's item commands you can very easily create the items you need with minimal input. With the tshock.item.spawn permission, a player or user group are allowed to use the /item [item] [quantity] command. This command gives the user the item they specified in the amount specified. The quantity argument is optional, it will always default to a max-stack of that item. The item names can be partial matches but they must narrow down to only one item. If you wish to input an item whose name has multiple words then you must use quotes for the item's name. An example of spawning a multi-word item would be /i "dirt wall". This would spawn 999 dirt wall, it makes 999 because 999 is the max stack amount for this item. You may have also noticed I used /i instead of /item, that is because /i is an alias and works the same.

Next up is having players asking you for items. But... You don't want to grant them the permission to spawn any item they want. You have the ability to give players items, with the tshock.item.spawn permission; of course. The /give [item name] [playername] [quantity] command will allow you to give the specified item in the specified quantity to the specified player. The quantity argument is optional again, and will default to the max stack size.