Item List (1.1)

Item IDNameTooltip
235Sticky BombA small explosion that will destroy most tiles\n'Tossing may be difficult.'
236Black Lens
237SunglassesMakes you look cool!'
238Wizard Hat15% increased magic damage
239Top Hat
240Tuxedo Shirt
241Tuxedo Pants
242Summer Hat
243Bunny Hood
244Plumber's Hat
245Plumber's Shirt
246Plumber's Pants
247Hero's Hat
248Hero's Shirt
249Hero's Pants
250Fish Bowl
251Archaeologist's Hat
252Archaeologist's Jacket
253Archaeologist's Pants
254Black Thread
255Green Thread
256Ninja Hood3% increased crit chance
257Ninja Shirt3% increased crit chance
258Ninja Pants3% increased crit chance
260Red HatIt smells funny...
261GoldfishIt's smiling, might be a good snack'
263Robot Hat
264Gold Crown
265Hellfire Arrow
266SandgunThis is a good idea!'
267Guide Voodoo DollYou are a terrible person.'
268Diving HelmetGreatly extends underwater breathing
269Familiar Shirt
270Familiar Pants
271Familiar Wig
272Demon ScytheCasts a demon scythe
273Night's Edge
274Dark Lance
277TridentIncreases mobility in water when held\nHold UP to descend slower
278Silver Bullet
279Throwing Knife
281BlowpipeAllows the collection of seeds for ammo
282GlowstickWorks when wet
283SeedFor use with Blowpipe
284Wooden Boomerang
285Aglet5% increased movement speed
286Sticky Glowstick
287Poisoned Knife
288Obsidian Skin PotionProvides immunity to lava
289Regeneration PotionProvides life regeneration
290Swiftness Potion25% increased movement speed
291Gills PotionBreathe water instead of air
292Ironskin PotionIncrease defense by 8
293Mana Regeneration PotionIncreased mana regeneration
294Magic Power Potion20% increased magic damage
295Featherfall PotionSlows falling speed
296Spelunker PotionShows the location of treasure and ore
297Invisibility PotionGrants invisibility
298Shine PotionEmits an aura of light
299Night Owl PotionIncreases night vision
300Battle PotionIncreases enemy spawn rate
301Thorns PotionAttackers also take damage
302Water Walking PotionAllows the ability to walk on water
303Archery Potion20% increased arrow speed and damage
304Hunter PotionShows the location of enemies
305Gravitation PotionAllows the control of gravity
306Gold Chest
307Daybloom Seeds
308Moonglow Seeds
309Blinkroot Seeds
310Deathweed Seeds
311Waterleaf Seeds
312Fireblossom Seeds
319Shark Fin
322Mime Mask
323Antlion Mandible
324Illegal Gun PartsBanned in most places'
325The Doctor's Shirt
326The Doctor's Pants
327Golden KeyOpens one locked Gold Chest or Lock Box
328Shadow Chest
329Shadow KeyOpens all Shadow Chests and Obsidian Lock Boxes
330Obsidian Brick Wall
331Jungle Spores
332LoomUsed for crafting cloth
337Red Banner
338Green Banner
339Blue Banner
340Yellow Banner
341Lamp Post
342Tiki Torch
344Chinese Lantern
345Cooking Pot
346SafeCan be used to store your items\nStored items can only be accessed by you
347Skull Lantern
348Trash Can
350Pink Vase
352KegUsed for brewing ale
353AleMinor improvements to melee stats & lowered defense\n'Down the hatch!'
357Bowl of SoupMedium improvements to all stats\n'Simple, yet refreshing.'
359Grandfather Clock
360Armor Statue
361Goblin Battle StandardSummons a Goblin Army
362Tattered Cloth
363SawmillUsed for advanced wood crafting
364Cobalt Ore
365Mythril Ore
366Adamantite Ore
367PwnhammerStrong enough to destroy Demon Altars
369Hallowed Seeds
370Ebonsand Block
371Cobalt HatIncreases maximum mana by 40\n9% increased magic critical strike chance
372Cobalt Helmet7% increased movement speed\n12% increased melee speed
373Cobalt Mask10% increased ranged damage\n6% increased ranged critical strike chance
374Cobalt Breastplate3% increased critical strike chance
375Cobalt Leggings10% increased movement speed
376Mythril HoodIncreases maximum mana by 60\n15% increased magic damage
377Mythril Helmet5% increased melee critical strike chance\n10% increased melee damage
378Mythril Hat12% increased ranged damage\n7% increased ranged critical strike chance
379Mythril Chainmail5% increased damage
380Mythril Greaves3% increased critical strike chance
381Cobalt Bar
382Mythril Bar
383Cobalt Chainsaw
384Mythril Chainsaw
385Cobalt DrillCan mine Mythril and Orichalcum
386Mythril DrillCan mine Adamantite and Titanium
387Adamantite Chainsaw
388Adamantite Drill
389Dao of PowHas a chance to confuse\n'Find your inner pieces'
390Mythril Halberd
391Adamantite Bar
392Glass Wall
393CompassDisplays horizontal position
394Diving GearGrants the ability to swim\nGreatly extends underwater breathing
395GPSShows position\nTells the time
396Obsidian HorseshoeNegates fall damage\nGrants immunity to fire blocks
397Obsidian ShieldGrants immunity to knockback\nGrants immunity to fire blocks
398Tinkerer's WorkshopAllows the combining of some accessories
399Cloud in a BalloonAllows the holder to double jump\nIncreases jump height
400Adamantite HeadgearIncreases maximum mana by 80\n11% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
401Adamantite Helmet7% increased melee critical strike chance\n14% increased melee damage
402Adamantite Mask14% increased ranged damage\n8% increased ranged critical strike chance
403Adamantite Breastplate6% increased damage
404Adamantite Leggings4% increased critical strike chance\n5% increased movement speed
405Spectre BootsAllows flight\nThe wearer can run super fast
406Adamantite Glaive
407ToolbeltIncreases block placement range by 1
408Pearlsand Block
409Pearlstone Block
410Mining Shirt
411Mining Pants
412Pearlstone Brick
413Iridescent Brick
414Mudstone Brick
415Cobalt Brick
416Mythril Brick
417Pearlstone Brick Wall
418Iridescent Brick Wall
419Mudstone Brick Wall
420Cobalt Brick Wall
421Mythril Brick Wall
422Holy WaterSpreads the Hallow to some blocks
423Unholy WaterSpreads the Corruption to some blocks
424Silt Block
425Fairy BellSummons a magical fairy
426Breaker BladeDeals more damage to unhurt enemies
427Blue Torch
428Red Torch
429Green Torch
430Purple Torch
431White Torch
432Yellow Torch
433Demon Torch
434Clockwork Assault RifleThree round burst\nOnly the first shot consumes ammo
435Cobalt Repeater
436Mythril Repeater
437Dual Hook
438Star Statue
439Sword Statue
440Slime Statue
441Goblin Statue
442Shield Statue
443Bat Statue
444Fish Statue
445Bunny Statue
446Skeleton Statue
447Reaper Statue
448Woman Statue
449Imp Statue
450Gargoyle Statue
451Gloom Statue
452Hornet Statue
453Bomb Statue
454Crab Statue
455Hammer Statue
456Potion Statue
457Spear Statue
458Cross Statue
459Jellyfish Statue
460Bow Statue
461Boomerang Statue
462Boot Statue
463Chest Statue
464Bird Statue
465Axe Statue
466Corrupt Statue
467Tree Statue
468Anvil Statue
469Pickaxe Statue
470Mushroom Statue
471Eyeball Statue
472Pillar Statue
473Heart Statue
474Pot Statue
475Sunflower Statue
476King Statue
477Queen Statue
478Piranha Statue
479Planked Wall
480Wooden Beam
481Adamantite Repeater
482Adamantite Sword
483Cobalt Sword
484Mythril Sword
485Moon CharmTurns the holder into a werewolf at night
487Crystal Ball
488Disco Ball
489Sorcerer Emblem15% increased magic damage
490Warrior Emblem15% increased melee damage
491Ranger Emblem15% increased ranged damage
492Demon WingsAllows flight and slow fall
493Angel WingsAllows flight and slow fall
494Magical Harp
495Rainbow RodCasts a controllable rainbow
496Ice RodSummons a block of ice
497Neptune's ShellTransforms the holder into merfolk when entering water
498Mannequin to customize attire
499Greater Healing Potion
500Greater Mana Potion
501Pixie Dust
502Crystal Shard
503Clown Hat
504Clown Shirt
505Clown Pants
506FlamethrowerUses gel for ammo
509Red WrenchPlaces red wire
510Wire CutterRemoves wire
511Active Stone Block
512Inactive Stone Block
514Laser Rifle
515Crystal BulletCreates several crystal shards on impact
516Holy ArrowSummons falling stars on impact
517Magic DaggerA magical returning dagger
518Crystal StormSummons rapid fire crystal shards
519Cursed FlamesSummons unholy fire balls
520Soul of LightThe essence of light creatures'
521Soul of NightThe essence of dark creatures'
522Cursed FlameNot even water can put the flame out'
523Cursed TorchCan be placed in water
524Adamantite ForgeUsed to smelt adamantite and titanium ore
525Mythril AnvilUsed to craft items from mythril, orichalcum, adamantite, and titanium bars
526Unicorn HornSharp and magical!'
527Dark ShardSometimes carried by creatures in dark deserts'
528Light ShardSometimes carried by creatures in light deserts'
529Red Pressure PlateActivates when stepped on
531Spell TomeCan be enchanted
532Star CloakCauses stars to fall after taking damage
533Megashark50% chance to not consume ammo\n'Minishark's older brother'
534ShotgunFires a spread of bullets
535Philosopher's StoneReduces the cooldown of healing potions by 25%
536Titan GloveIncreases melee knockback\nEnables auto swing for melee weapons
537Cobalt Naginata
539Dart Trap
541Green Pressure PlateActivates when stepped on
542Gray Pressure PlateActivates when a player steps on it
543Brown Pressure PlateActivates when a player steps on it
544Mechanical EyeSummons The Twins
545Cursed Arrow
546Cursed Bullet
547Soul of FrightThe essence of pure terror'
548Soul of MightThe essence of the destroyer'
549Soul of SightThe essence of omniscient watchers'
551Hallowed Plate Mail7% increased critical strike chance
552Hallowed Greaves7% increased damage\n8% increased movement speed
553Hallowed Helmet15% increased ranged damage\n8% increased ranged critical strike chance
554Cross NecklaceIncreases length of invincibility after taking damage
555Mana Flower8% reduced mana usage\nAutomatically use mana potions when needed
556Mechanical WormSummons The Destroyer
557Mechanical SkullSummons Skeletron Prime
558Hallowed HeadgearIncreases maximum mana by 100\n12% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
559Hallowed Mask10% increased melee damage and critical strike chance\n10% increased melee speed
560Slime CrownSummons King Slime
561Light DiscStacks up to 5
562Music Box (Overworld Day)
563Music Box (Eerie)
564Music Box (Night)
565Music Box (Title)
566Music Box (Underground)
567Music Box (Boss 1)
568Music Box (Jungle)
569Music Box (Corruption)
570Music Box (Underground Corruption)
571Music Box (The Hallow)
572Music Box (Boss 2)
573Music Box (Underground Hallow)
574Music Box (Boss 3)
575Soul of FlightThe essence of powerful flying creatures'
576Music BoxHas a chance to record songs
577Demonite Brick
578Hallowed Repeater
579DraxNot to be confused with a picksaw'
580ExplosivesExplodes when activated
581Inlet PumpSends water to outlet pumps
582Outlet PumpReceives water from inlet pumps
5831 Second TimerActivates every second
5843 Second TimerActivates every 3 seconds
5855 Second TimerActivates every 5 seconds
586Candy Cane Block
587Candy Cane Wall
588Santa Hat
589Santa Shirt
590Santa Pants
591Green Candy Cane Block
592Green Candy Cane Wall
593Snow Block
594Snow Brick
595Snow Brick Wall
596Blue Light
597Red Light
598Green Light
599Blue Present to open
600Green Present to open
601Yellow Present to open
602Snow GlobeSummons the Frost Legion
603CarrotSummons a pet bunny