Buff List

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IDBuff NameBuff Description
1Obsidian SkinImmune to lava
2RegenerationProvides life regeneration
3Swiftness25% increased movement speed
4GillsBreathe water instead of air
5IronskinIncrease defense by 8
6Mana RegenerationIncreased mana regeneration
7Magic Power20% increased magic damage
8FeatherfallPress UP or DOWN to control speed of descent
9SpelunkerShows the location of treasure and ore
10InvisibilityGrants invisibility
11ShineEmitting light
12Night OwlIncreased night vision
13BattleIncreased enemy spawn rate
14ThornsAttackers also take damage
15Water WalkingPress DOWN to enter water
16Archery20% increased arrow damage and speed
17HunterShows the location of enemies
18GravitationPress UP to reverse gravity
19Shadow OrbA magical orb that provides light
20PoisonedSlowly losing life
21Potion SicknessCannot consume anymore healing items
22DarknessDecreased light vision
23CursedCannot use any items
24On Fire!Slowly losing life
25TipsyIncreased melee abilities, lowered defense
26Well FedMinor improvements to all stats
27FairyA fairy is following you
28WerewolfPhysical abilities are increased
29ClairvoyanceMagic powers are increased
30BleedingCannot regenerate life
31ConfusedMovement is reversed
32SlowMovement speed is reduced
33WeakPhysical abilities are decreased
34MerfolkCan breathe and move easily underwater
35SilencedCannot use items that require mana
36Broken ArmorDefense is cut in half
37HorrifiedYou have seen something nasty, there is no escape.
38The TongueYou are being sucked into the mouth
39Cursed InfernoLosing life
40Pet BunnyI think it wants your carrot
41Baby PenguinI think it wants your fish
42Pet TurtleHappy turtle time!
43Paladin's Shield25% of damage taken will be redirected to another player
44FrostburnIt's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts
45Baby EaterA baby Eater of Souls is following you
46ChilledYour movement speed has been reduced
47FrozenYou can't move!
48HoneyLife regeneration is increased
49PygmiesThe pygmies will fight for you
50Baby Skeletron HeadDon't even ask...
51Baby HornetIt thinks you are its mother
52Tiki SpiritA friendly spirit is following you
53Pet LizardChillin' like a reptilian
54Pet ParrotPolly wants the cracker
55Baby TruffleIsn't this just soooo cute?
56Pet SaplingA little sapling is following you
57WispA wisp is following you
58Rapid HealingLife regeneration is greatly increased
59Holy ProtectionYou will dodge the next attack
60Leaf CrystalShoots crystal leaves at nearby enemies
61Baby DinosaurA baby dinosaur is following you
62Ice BarrierDamage taken is reduced by 25%
63Panic!Movement speed is increased
64Baby SlimeThe baby slime will fight for you
65Eyeball SpringAn eyeball spring is following you
66Baby SnowmanA baby snowman is following you
67BurningLosing life and slowed movement
68SuffocationLosing life
69IchorReduced defense
70VenomLosing life
71Weapon Imbue: VenomMelee attacks inflict venom on your targets
72MidasDrop more money on death
73Weapon Imbue: Cursed FlamesMelee attacks inflict enemies with cursed flames
74Weapon Imbue: FireMelee attacks set enemies on fire
75Weapon Imbue: GoldMelee attacks make enemies drop more gold
76Weapon Imbue: IchorMelee attacks decrease enemies defense
77Weapon Imbue: NanitesMelee attacks confuse enemies
78Weapon Imbue: ConfettiMelee attacks cause confetti to appear
79Weapon Imbue: PoisonMelee attacks poison enemies
80BlackoutLight vision severely reduced
81Pet SpiderA spider is following you
82SquashlingA squashling is following you
83RavensThe ravens will attack your enemies
84Black CatA black kitty is following you
85Cursed SaplingA cursed sapling is following you
86Water CandleIncreased monster spawn rate
87Cozy FireLife regen is slightly increased
88Chaos StateUsing the Rod of Discord will take life
89Heart LampLife regen is increased
90RudolphRiding the red nosed reindeer
91PuppyA puppy is following you
92Baby GrinchA baby grinch is following you
93Ammo Box20% chance to not consume ammo
94Mana SicknessMagic damage reduced by
95Beetle EnduranceDamage taken reduced by 15%
96Beetle EnduranceDamage taken reduced by 30%
97Beetle EnduranceDamage taken reduced by 45%
98Beetle MightMelee damage and speed increase by 10%
99Beetle MightMelee damage and speed increase by 20%
100Beetle MightMelee damage and speed increase by 30%
101FairyA fairy is following you
102FairyA fairy is following you
103WetYou are dripping water
104Mining25% increased mining speed
105HeartreachIncreased heart pickup range
106CalmDecreased enemy spawn rate
107BuilderIncreased placement speed and range
108TitanIncreased knockback
109FlipperMove like normal in water
110SummoningIncreased max number of minions
111DangersenseYou can see nearby hazards
112Ammo Reservation20% chance to not consume ammo
113Lifeforce20% increased max life
114Endurance10% reduced damage
115Rage10% increased critical chance
116InfernoNearby enemies are ignited
117Wrath10% increased damage
118MinecartRiding in a minecart
119LovestruckYou are in love!
120StinkyYou smell terrible
121FishingIncreased fishing power
122SonarYou can see what's biting your hook
123CrateGreater chance of fishing up a crate
124WarmthReduced damage from cold sources
125HornetThe hornet will fight for you
126ImpThe imp will fight for you
127Zephyr FishIt likes swimming around you
128Bunny MountYou are craving carrots
129Pigron MountNow you see me....
130Slime MountBOOOIIINNNG!
131Turtle MountSlow if by land, zoom if by sea
132Bee MountBzzzBzzBZZZZBzzz
133SpiderThe spider will fight for you
134TwinsThe twins will fight for you
135PirateThe pirate will fight for you
136Mini MinotaurHow do you defeat a mini Minotaur?
137SlimeYou are slimy and sticky
138MinecartRiding in a minecart
139SharknadoThe sharknado will fight for you
140UFOThe UFO will fight for you
141UFO MountIt's a good thing you had a MAC
142Drill MountRiding in a flying drill
143Scutlix MountPew Pew
144ElectrifiedYou cannot move
145Moon BiteYou are unable to absorb healing effects
146Happy!Movement speed increased and monster spawns reduced
147BannerIncreased damage and defense from the following:
148Feral BiteIncreased damage, Decreased life regen, Causes status effects
149WebbedYou are stuck
150BewitchedIncreased max number of minions
151Life DrainIncreased life regeneration
152Magic LanternAn enchanted lantern is lighting your way
153ShadowflameLosing life
154Baby Face MonsterA baby face monster is following you
155Crimson HeartA magical heart that provides light
156StonedYou are completely petrified!
157Peace CandleDecreased monster spawn rate
158Star in a BottleIncreased mana regeneration
159SharpenedMelee weapons have armor penetration
160DazedMovement is greatly slowed
161Deadly SphereThe Deadly Sphere will fight for you
162Unicorn MountCharge ahead... fabulously!
163ObstructedYou can't see!
164DistortedGravity around you is distorted
165Dryad's BlessingThe power of nature protects you
166MinecartRiding in a minecart
167MinecartRiding in a minecart
168Cute Fishron MountJust don't make it crawl.
169PenetratedBleeding Out
170Solar BlazeDamage taken reduced by 30%, repel enemies when taking damage
171Solar BlazeDamage taken reduced by 30%, repel enemies when taking damage
172Solar BlazeDamage taken reduced by 30%, repel enemies when taking damage
173Life NebulaIncreased life regeneration
174Life NebulaIncreased life regeneration
175Life NebulaIncreased life regeneration
176Mana NebulaIncreased mana regeneration
177Mana NebulaIncreased mana regeneration
178Mana NebulaIncreased mana regeneration
179Damage Nebula15% increased damage
180Damage Nebula30% increased damage
181Damage Nebula45% increased damage
182Stardust CellThe stardust cell will fight for you
183Celledbeing eaten by cells
184MinecartRiding in a minecart
185MinecartRiding in a minecart
186Dryad's BaneThe power of nature compells you
187Stardust GuardianThe stardust guardian will protect you
188Stardust DragonThe stardust dragon will protect you
189DaybrokenIncenerated by solar rays
190Suspicious Looking EyeA suspicious looking eye that provides light
191Companion CubeWill never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak
192Sugar Rush20% increased movement and mining speed
193Basilisk MountCrash into anyone... and EVERYONE!
194Mighty WindThe wind moves you around!
195Withered ArmorYour armor is lowered!
196Withered WeaponYour attacks are weaker!
197OozedMovement is significantly reduced
198Striking Moment500% increased damage for next melee strike
199Creative ShockYou have lost the power of creation!
200Propeller GatoA propeller gato is following you
201FlickerwickA flickerwick is following you
202HoardagronA hoardagron is following you
203Betsy's CurseDefense is lowered
204OiledTaking more damage from being on fire
205Ballista Panic!Your ballistas rapidly shoot in panic!
206Plenty SatisfiedMedium improvements to all stats
207Exquisitely StuffedMajor improvements to all stats
208MinecartRiding in a minecart
209MinecartRiding in a minecart
210MinecartRiding in a minecart
211MinecartRiding in a minecart
212Golf CartA fair way to cross the fairway
213Sanguine BatThe sanguine bat will fight for you
214Vampire FrogThe vampire frog will fight for you
215The Bast DefenseDefense is increased by 5
216Baby FinchThe baby finch will fight for you
217EsteeEstee is following you
218Sugar GliderA sugar glider is following you
219Shark PupDoo doo doo doo doo doo
220MinecartRiding in a minecart
221MinecartRiding in a minecart
222MinecartRiding in a minecart
223MinecartRiding in a minecart
224MinecartRiding in a minecart
225MinecartRiding in a minecart
226MinecartRiding in a minecart
227MinecartRiding in a minecart
228MinecartRiding in a minecart
229MinecartRiding in a minecart
230Witch's BroomIt flies! WITCHCRAFT!
231MinecartRiding in a minecart
232MinecartRiding in a minecart
233MinecartRiding in a minecart
234MinecartRiding in a minecart
235MinecartRiding in a minecart
236MinecartRiding in a minecart
237MinecartRiding in a minecart
238MinecartRiding in a minecart
239MinecartRiding in a minecart
240MinecartRiding in a minecart
241MinecartRiding in a minecart
242MinecartRiding in a minecart
243MinecartRiding in a minecart
244MinecartRiding in a minecart
245MinecartRiding in a minecart
246MinecartRiding in a minecart
247MinecartRiding in a minecart
248MinecartRiding in a minecart
249MinecartRiding in a minecart
250MinecartRiding in a minecart
251MinecartRiding in a minecart
252MinecartRiding in a minecart
253MinecartRiding in a minecart
254MinecartRiding in a minecart
255MinecartRiding in a minecart
256MinecartRiding in a minecart
257LuckyYou are feeling pretty lucky
258Lil' HarpyCuteness from above
259Fennec FoxWhat does the fox say? Better yet, what does the fox HEAR?!
260Glittery ButterflyTruly, truly outrageous
261Baby ImpJust wait till his terrible twos!
262Baby Red PandaA baby red panda is following you
263Desert TigerThe desert tiger will fight beside you
264PlanteroLittle Plantero is following you
266Dynamite KittenNot for use in cannons
267Baby WerewolfA baby werewolf is following you
268Shadow MimicA shadow mimic is following you
269MinecartRiding in a minecart
270MinecartRiding in a minecart
271Enchanted DaggersDeath by a thousand cuts
272Digging MolecartThe Molecart will dig for you
273Digging MolecartThe Molecart will dig for you
274Volt BunnyA volt bunny is ecstatic about you
275Painted Horse MountRiding a Painted Horse
276Majestic Horse MountRiding a Majestic Horse
277Dark Horse MountRiding a Dark Horse
278Pogo Stick MountKss-shik! Kss-shik! Kss-shik!
279Pirate Ship MountYou're the captain now
280Tree MountRun, forest, run!
281Santank MountCrossing off the naughty list . . .
282Goat MountThis ride is totally metal!
283Book MountThe Book is now helping in your guidance
284Slime PrinceHe answers to a higher authority
285Suspicious EyeJust keepin' an eye out . . .
286Eater of WormsMay ruin several backyards
287Spider BrainIt's crawling around . . . icky
288Skeletron Jr.Skeletron Jr. Is following you
289Honey BeeA honey bee is following you
290Destroyer-LiteFor destruction on the go
291Rez and SpazYou have special eyes!
292Mini PrimeEach tool can commit murder
293Plantera SeedlingWhat exactly does it eat, anyway?
294Toy GolemGot myself a crying, talking, sleeping, walking, living idol!
295Tiny FishronA sea-green marquess of the abyss
296Phantasmal DragonIt keeps looking at the Moon
297MoonlingA friend from beyond
298Fairy PrincessThe light of the fair folk illuminates all
299Jack 'O LanternA small Jack 'O Lantern is fiendishly lighting the way
300Everscream SaplingTaking the tree for a walk!
301Ice QueenIce Queen has been reborn as your companion
302Alien SkaterHow do you do, fellow humans?
303Baby OgreHe's got a big stick and he doesn't know how to use it
304Itsy BetsyItsy Betsy is following you
305Lava Shark MountSurfing the molten seas!
306Titanium BarrierDefensive shards surround you
307BlandWhipEnemyDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
308Durendal's BlessingMelee speed is increased
309SwordWhipNPCDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
310ScytheWhipEnemyDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
311Harvest TimeMelee speed is increased
312A Nice BuffSummons a snowflake to fight for you
313FlameWhipEnemyDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
314Jungle's FuryMelee speed is increased
315ThornWhipNPCDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
316RainbowWhipNPCDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
317Slime PrincessShe is the higher authority
318Winged Slime MountBOING FLAP BOING!
319MaceWhipNPCDebuff(NPC-only Debuff)
320Sparkle SlimeYou are slimy and sparkly
321Cerebral MindtrickIncreased critical chance
322TerraprismaThe Blades of the Empress will fight for you