When my friend joins my server, it stays on connecting

I'm having this issue where my friend cannot join because it always says connecting, we also tried switching roles and I cannot join him when he hosts his server

Plz reply

How will it work? Will it work with the updates 1.4?

Friend keeps getting frozen by HealOtherPlayer cheat

My friend is using spectre armor with the healing set bonus, ever since he has been using it he keeps on getting frozen for HealOtherPlayer cheat attempts, ive tried raising the healing limit in the config but even at 5 million he still gets frozen. How can I stop it from detecting him/make it so he can heal

Server Side Characters

Is it possible to make it so when the play leaves and then joins again it doesn't reset the health and mana and gives them copper tools again?

IP сервера.

Как узнать IP своего созданного сервера?

question about the Protocol documentation

Can you please add protocol documentation? For example Message structure, i have found one techincal documentation, but server says "LegacyMultiplayer.4" https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13IL8dHbVxeTnH-cJh2NjEnpIbw8JxG9cGi0ne8mEHl8/edit#gid=26

Map gone

So my friend added tshock to the server and my whole map got deleted but his didnt is there any way to fix this?

Mobile 1.3 version!

How do I get Tshock to work with the mobile version of terraria? I know it’s possible since I’ve seen many huge servers that use Tshock. Please help me, I really need to get this working :) Thanks!